My name is Albero and I was born and raised in a small village in the Veneto region, where my parents have a small winery, and from an early age I began to appreciate nature, respect it and enjoy and enjoy life in the countryside.
My first job was in a company producing solid wood furniture, an experience that very quickly helped me understand the different quality of materials used in the world of furniture.
For example, unlike plastic, wood is a natural, healthy, ecological, clean, recyclable, real element, it can be touched, it is a child of nature  does not pollute, ideal for sharing the spaces of our home.

Twelve years ago I started my company bringing with me these values ​​that support me in doing what I truly believe in.
It is our task not to abuse nature and not waste trees, but to enhance them.
We want to let the wood of our furniture appear real with its grain, its imperfections that make it unique.
I started with just one carpenter, now after 12 years we have three and we are looking for more.

Every time we make furniture, we listen to the customer, what they dream of to create something unique for their home or business.
You will never find a piece of furniture identical to yours in another home.
Without ideas, opinions, discussion with the buyer, there would be no evolution and birth of something unique and new.
Why mass produce something that people don't want or would buy only for lack of alternatives that actually meet their needs and tastes?
Is it true or not that sometimes we buy the least worst or something that resembles what we would like... but isn't it what we would like?

How do ideas for customer projects come about?
New ideas come from my head, from my soul, I dare say from my heart.
We don't have a designer, ideas are a consequence of my way of life, of my way of observing the world.
I observe and translate into sketches, small drawings that photograph the images born from my imagination.

Then the customers arrive and usually the statement is this: “Great idea! But is it possible to fix this? I would like another color, I would like a bottle holder, etc. ”. This is how our furniture is born, very handcrafted in a human way. Yes, it would be much easier to produce large quantities in one go, but this is precisely our uniqueness.
Only unique pieces.
Knowing that customers come to us because they haven't found what satisfies them in the large-scale retail market and they trust our abilities.
Maybe we will never become rich... but often the happiness in the eyes of our customers pays us more than money.

We also have items that are highly appreciated and requested - for example, our "carpenter's table", a trendy Must - a very rough table with strong references to popular tradition that lends itself to any environment: in the kitchen, in bedroom, living room, shop, restaurant. It instantly changes not only the room, but the whole house, its old style has made it fashionable, and it is often used as commercial shop furniture. In Italy we are among the few to produce it.

Sometimes we forget that we are Italian and try to copy large foreign companies. But we have quality, we don't produce something that is thrown away after 10 days, we produce something almost eternal that your children and grandchildren will use.
We live in a country with over 70% of the world's cultural heritage - we have a taste appreciated all over the world.
We must use this unique DNA within us.

Alberto Anzanello, owner