Banco da Falegname per arredo cucina soggiorno in stile INDUSTRIAL legno massello un cassetto e due morse 150x63xh85 cm

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Mobile in stile INDUSTRIAL in legno massello con due morse e un cassetto.

Questo articolo non è adatto per scopi lavorativi tipo laboratori e falegnamerie, si tratta di una riproduzione adatta solo all'arredo di ambienti di casa, negozi e quant'altro.

Mobile in legno massello in stile INDUSTRIAL, pensato per essere multifunzionale, si può usare come isola cicina, come piano d'appoggio aggiuntivo, ma potrebbe adattarsi molto bene anche come complemento d'arredo in soggiorno o qualsiasi zona della casa di disimpegno.
I nostri complementi d'arredo sono talmente versatili, che non c'è luogo in qui non possano trovare collocazione, l'unico limite è dato dalla nostra fantasia, i nostri mobili sono tutti su misura e tutti diversi, il banco qui rappresentato è l'emblemma per forma e aspetto del classico banco da Falegname, ha due morsa in legno, un cassetto ed un ripiano a giorno per riporvi quello che volete, il piano è provvisto di un incavo porta bottiglie, spezie e altro ancora ed è abbellito nel bordo con chiodi ornamentali, una belle maniglie a conchiglia in ottone completano l'opera.
Da notare che i nostri mobili sono trattati con impregnanti di qualità a base d'acqua e composti da resine naturali, atossiche, inodori, idrorepellenti, ideali anche per uso alimentare, proprio per tale motivo non ci sono contro indicazioni nell'utilizzo in cucina.

📐 Dimensioni del banco da Falegname:
Lunghezza: 150 cm;
Larghezza: 63 cm;
Altezza: 85 cm;
Spessore piano: Piano a sezione scatolata, spessore complessivo 10 cm, travetti laterali da 10x10 cm;
Morsa: Ingombro 14 cm (opzionale frontale o laterale).
Cassetto: Larghezza 45 cm, Profondità 45 cm, spessore del cassetto variabile da 2,5/3 cm.
✅ Tutte le misure sono personalizzabili, incluso misure e disposizione dei cassetti, la morsa può essere più di una e disposte frontalmente o lateralmente, in ferro o di legno.
✅ Le maniglie le scegliete voi.

✅ Nella sezione "RICHIESTA PREVENTIVI E DOCUMENTAZIONE SCARICABILE" trovate diversa documentazione, per la scelta degli accessori, degli stili e finiture.
✅ Nella sezione "TAVOLA COLORI" Potete scegliere in autonomia il colore più adatto al tuo mobile.
✅ Per qualsiasi altra cosa, siamo qui per voi!

E’ assolutamente necessario che ci contattiate, prima dell’acquisto, per i seguenti motivi:
Concordare le personalizzazioni in base alle vostre esigenze, come gli allestimenti, gli accessori, il colore, ecc.;
📐 Le dimensioni del prodotto (poiché il prezzo è strettamente legato a questo fattore);
💰 Costi di trasporto che variano a seconda del volume, dell'ingombro e zona di destinazione;
🚚 Tempi di messa in produzione e di consegna del prodotto ordinato.

⚠️ FOTO DI REPERTORIO ⚠️ - Il mobile riprodotto, se non saranno concordate eventuali modifiche, sarà simile a quello in foto e verrà fabbricato nei tempi concordati con il produttore.
Non sarà possibile riprodurre le stesse caratteristiche del legno, tipo: Nodi, venatura rigata o fiammata), colorazione naturale del legno.

- 📞 Per info e preventivi 📞
Contattaci per il tuo articolo su misura personalizzato e saremo lieti di aiutarti a crearlo adatto al tuo ambiente.
Tel. +39 342 8824514
Oppure tramite messaggistica WhatsApp e Telegram (Il Baule di Nonna Elvira).
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The question you are asking yourself is surely this:
Handsome!! But why should I spend so much on this item when the market offers industrial products at significantly lower prices? The obvious answer is!
But our creations are not an industrial product, but an artisanal one, this makes a lot of difference, they are all handmade and made with quality natural products and above all they are different from each other and tailor-made for our customers.
Below you will find "reading" all the answers to your doubts and you will understand that quality must be given the right value.
How we create our furniture:

- We only use solid wood.
our furniture and furnishing accessories are made entirely of solid wood, a guarantee of quality and durability over time. Each component, even the hidden parts, are made of solid wood carefully chosen and treated to make it last over time. Doors and drawers have a minimum thickness of 20 mm.
It should always be kept in mind that wood is a noble material, alive and healthy and warm, which is not negligible, furthermore "a very important thing" is that it is repairable, in case of breakages it can be restored 100% without anything being noticeable.
So we want to say Enough!! With the throwaway culture...

- We use the best wood.
We invest time and resources in the search for quality wood essences, such as ash, to give the customer a different, high profile, prestigious product with characteristics that resemble a work of art, which will always capture the attention of those he observes her.

- Uniqueness.
Each of our kitchens, sideboards, carpenter's benches, tables and anything else is tailor-made for the customer and will NEVER be!! Same as another. Basically nothing is done in series.
Every single element of which our creations are composed passes through our hands, we are artisans and at the same time Artists who have preserved the love for beautiful and well-made things. With us you will be able to talk like a family friend, you will touch our creations firsthand and in our laboratory you will choose the wood that will then become your kitchen or anything else.
We will discuss, develop and create the object of your desires together in every detail. Let's give you an example: Question! "I saw this particular kitchen on a site, can we think of something similar but with different spaces?", We will surely find an answer to all your questions and you will purchase something unique, which will fit perfectly like a glove, because your satisfaction is ours too!

- Ecological, sustainable and recyclable.
One of our problems, (just to stay on the wood theme), is recycling, reuse so as not to waste precious resources unnecessarily. We are attentive to recovery and reuse, which is why we dedicate a lot of our time to searching for used wood so as to contribute in our small way to not fueling the wild deforestation of the planet's forests and where this is not possible, we use wood from forests managed correctly and responsible according to rigorous environmental, social and economic standards from the FSC brands. Alone we can do little, but our teaching can set an example and help expand the awareness of respect for nature and our home called Earth.

- Tradition and non-invasive modernity in perfect harmony.
Quality guides, hinges and accessories integrate perfectly with our products, to name just a few we find, BLUM, SALICE, VEVOR, HETTICH, these are just some of the brands we turn to to guarantee the customer a functional and long-lasting piece of furniture and to us peace of mind, knowing that we are delivering a product free of any kind of problems into the hands of our customers. We are also artists in the working of iron, some handles, shelf supports, grates, tea towel holders, metal structures such as legs for tables and counters, kappa ceiling extractor supports and much more, are of our production and you will not find them in the shop near your house. We also produce curious and bizarre things in Industrial style, using and recycling old and vintage objects.

- Total protection and hygiene!
You may be wondering if the countertops in our kitchens, bathrooms, consoles, etc. being made of wood, they are hygienic and long-lasting. ANSWER: "ABSOLUTELY YES".
Our TOPS "undergo" a 6-coat treatment between base and finish with products defined as "water-based", strictly water-repellent suitable for food use of the highest quality.
Let's create a protective film guaranteed almost for life.
Do you want to check out our paints?
Maximum transparency, Bottosso and Frighetto is our official supplier.
Customized colors and top quality products.
Water-based products for interiors. ➡️ PDF Document - PDF6 WATER-BASED INDOOR PRODUCTS

- We help you choose household appliances.
Do you want to buy a kitchen from us and don't know where and which appliances to insert? Do you want a reliable, quality product suited to your needs?
We are not manufacturers of household appliances ... but over the years we have accumulated experience and consolidated relationships with reliable suppliers, so we will certainly help you with this too.

- After Sales.
We continue to be there.
Life teaches us that the unexpected is around the corner, right?
As happens to us, some inconvenience can also happen to a piece of furniture.
So stay calm! We won't abandon you, we're here even after the sale.

- Quick and easy quotes.
All we need is a sketch, even a poorly done one, to make your dreams come true, all it takes is a look at the measurements and our expert carpenters or our blacksmith will have already understood what they need to achieve, what are you waiting for!? send us your sketches of what you want to create and contact us for details and your dreams will come true.

- We are artisans and we make anything.
We can furnish every corner of your home or business with style, with custom-made tables and coffee tables of all shapes and sizes, modular kitchens and kitchen islands (entirely in solid wood), bedrooms and bedrooms, "real" workbenches for carpenters and Carpenter style benches for custom-made furniture, ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, basements, living rooms, dining rooms, or to give a touch of originality to rooms and shops, we also make sideboards, sideboards, living room furniture and TV stands, accessories 'furnishings such as floor lamps and table lamps (also using old vintage objects and recycled materials), you will have already understood that there is no limit to what we can create, each item is unique, you will never find any!! One of the same will be the fruit of your creativity and our expertise in producing it.


Download the form and enter your personal data (they will be used for the sole purpose of drawing up a cost estimate and in compliance with your privacy and current laws), use the code, description and unit fields to describe the product you want, enter the data NECESSARY TO CALCULATE ANY TRANSPORT AND ASSEMBLY COSTS, once this is done send us a digital copy of the document, we will take care of filling in the missing parts of the commercial proposal, once this is done we will send you a copy to view it, you will have 30 days to evaluate it, after on this date the estimate will expire. ONLY if you decide to commit to the purchase, YOU WILL HAVE TO RETURN THE ESTIMATE SIGNED AT THE BOTTOM TO ACCEPT THE SALES CONTRACT. We advise you to read the sales clauses on page 2 of the estimate BEFORE SIGNING.



Download the drawing (A4 format) of an empty room that comes closest to the sketch of the furniture you want, below you will find some models, carefully follow the instructions given in the tables, taking great care to correctly report the dimensions of the furniture and the spaces In order to avoid (irreversible) errors in the design and construction, the sketch must be sent together with the request for a quote.






We have created catalogs for you, which you can download freely, to help you in choosing accessories and colours, to make it easier for us to prepare the estimate, enter the reference (ACCESSORIES CODE - COLOR CODE - FINISHES CODE), to choose the color , refer to the COLOR TABLE or COLOR AND FINISHES CATALOGUE, codes to be indicated in the quote request form.

➡️ JPG COLOR Chart .



⚠️ For requests for help and info ⚠️
You can contact us at this number.
📞 Tel. +39 342 8824514 📞
For convenience we recommend using WhatsApp messaging to send any photographic material, sketches and quotes, in this way we can manage all your requests quickly and practically.
Alternatively by email:
Or via our website using the contact form.
We strongly recommend using WhatsApp messaging, useful for sending photographic material, quotes and anything else, in this way we can manage all your requests quickly and practically.

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